Green energy

We are focused on tomorrow

Our focus on tomorrow not only ensures that current and upcoming projects successes endure long after construction is completed, but also helps us lead the industry with new designs, materials and construction solutions that will be the genesis of the advanced living and working environments of the future.

We analyze potential energy efficiency solutions in concert with factors of sustainable design, occupant comfort, initial investment, and future operating costs. We employ computer modeling to evaluate various building systems alternatives, predict energy consumption and life cycle costs, and to “right size” building systems. We communicate with utility providers and investigate available incentive programs and energy rate structures.

For the future

We identify, evaluate and implement emerging technologies

Old buildings often outlive their original purpose. Adaptive Reuse is an environmentally responsible process that adapts these buildings to new uses through “highest and best use” design, and state-of-the art renovation techniques. Adaptive reuse maximizes the value of the existing property, while retaining its historic features through the careful restoration of the finer details.

The end result delivers more and improved services to the building’s new occupants, while maintaining original design themes and structures.

For specialized projects, we identify, evaluate and implement emerging technologies, including building-integrated photovoltaic, fuel cells, combined heat and power and cogeneration systems.