Defence & Homeland Security

MIC & Associates represented Raytheon in Romania.

MIC & Associates represented Raytheon in Romania on three major programs – Air Traffic Management Systems – Homeland Security, SCOMAR and Type 22 Frigate Modernization. MIC finalized the sale of a Coastal Surveillance System with ten state-of-the-art radars.

  • Raytheon is an industry leader in defense and technical services, information technology, government electronics, special mission aircraft and business aviation. Raytheon is delivering the very latest security technology and full-featured air traffic management systems.

  • MIC & Associates Romania also assisted ITT Defense in its efforts to sell the AIDEWS pods for the F-16 fighters that Romania intended to acquire for its revamped NATO-member Air Force. It is expected that the country will receive between 24 and 36 F-16 Block 30 surplus aircrafts by 2012-2013.

  • ITT has over fifty years of multi-platform experience in electronic warfare. ITT technologies, systems and services protect strategic, tactical and special operations aircraft around the world during the most demanding missions. The parent company is the inventor of the fax machine and the night-vision technology widely used by the United States Armed Forces and most NATO countries.

An advanced technology high frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) for reliable detection of small maritime vessels and low-flying aircraft has been successfully developed by Raytheon Company.

For the future

Raytheon’s HFSWR is a Promising New Technology

Raytheon’s HFSWR is a promising new technology to protect the littoral waters of the country that uses it. It provides low cost, all weather, accurate and reliable surveillance of surface vessels and low flying aircraft well in excess of the visible horizon.

Unlike traditional shore-based microwave radar, the HFSWR uses high frequency (HF) electromagnetic signals that are not limited by the horizon. This unique capability allows the HFSWR to be the only shore based radar system capable of detecting small surface and low flying targets.