Waste management

In tandem with entities and Government

MIC & Associates is working with important housing development entities such as Albanese and Turner Corporation to build affordable housing in Central-Eastern Europe, with emphasis in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Such ambitious projects could only be accomplished in tandem with governments that understand the need and benefits of these endeavors for their people.

There is considerable EU funding as well as investment funds interest in building medium- and large-scale projects in these regions.

For the future

Raising standards

As communist era construction and housing has crumbled to the point of leaving millions in substandard living conditions, there is an urgent call for leadership and action in creating European-standard homes for so many that lack basic accommodations in their current habitat.

MIC & Associates is committed to bring to fruition such projects as they are not only vital to people and communities but they also make good business sense for the investment world at large.