International Services

Through our unique network, developed over the course of two decades, we are able to interact and negotiate terms and issues for our clients – heads of state and governments, Fortune 500 corporations and high ranking defense officials in numerous countries. Our multilingual staff, based in four countries, has managed to establish partnerships with a host of key people that have assisted our organization in bringing to fruition the most challenging of projects.

Most of our executives have been trained and educated in a fast changing new world, where governments and regimes have come and gone, yet economic and political progress was made on a consistent basis. Our company has lobbied vigorously in favor of expanding NATO deep into Central Eastern Europe, turning hope into reality.

One hundred million people have gone almost overnight from captives in totalitarian societies to free people that build once bankrupt economies into flourishing markets rivaling established economic powers of the old world.

Our vision for a greater, more powerful Europe, once ridiculed by experts in politics and world affairs, became reality, thus validating our successes.

For international firms and service providers


For the future

We make our unique network your network

For international firms and service providers we:

  • Analyze and convey the dynamics involved in international transactions
  • Create matches between service providers in European, Asian and Latin American countries with those in the Unites States
  • Offer direct access to our network in the manufacturing and trade industries worldwide
  • Meet with investors and partners and assist on behalf of those in need of consulting services