Mr. Epure is a distinguished figure in the business law environment in Romania, well known and with an excellent reputation in matters concerning competition, intellectual property, and energy.

As a competition lawyer, Mr Epure has advised companies from a large spectrum of industries on a broad range of matters, from mergers and other competition-sensitive arrangements to cartel investigations and abuse of dominance cases, as well as state aid applications, exemptions and inquiries.

In this area of his practice, Mr. Epure has represented clients before the EU Commission in Brussels, as well as before a wide variety of national competition authorities of various EU Member States, including the Romanian Consiliul Concurentei. As an information technology advocate, Mr Epure has contributed to various IT-related patent applications during his work as general counsel for a technology company in Silicon Valley, California. He also represents various collection agencies throughout Europe in actions for collection of authorship rights. Together with his team of lawyers in Bucharest, he conducts general IP work, including patent verifications, applications, drafting of specific operative documents, and representation in disputes before regulators and courts.

As an energy lawyer, Mr Epure and his team represent one of the biggest electricity distribution and supply operators in Europe, in all matters concerning interaction with regulators, trade unions, consumer associations, energy exchanges, and court proceedings, his firm having under administration multiple cases in which this client is a party.

Mr. Epure has legal affiliations with offices in Brussels (Belgium) and New York and San Francisco (US). His main base of operations is in Bucharest, where he acts as the managing partner of the law firm Epure, Lizac & Associates (ELA) (

Under Mr Epure’s management and leadership, in recent years ELA has advised and represented companies in the US, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and India on multiple international and national investment, contract, financing, taxation and regulatory issues, including aspects relating to offset agreements, payment instruments, enforcement in various jurisdictions, international transport and storage of goods, debt restructuring, product liability, competition, public procurement, and litigation related thereto.

Mr. Epure is licensed to practice in California, US (member of the State Bar of California since 2008) and in Romania (member of the Bar of Bucharest since 1994).

RABC contact point in Bucharest:

Mr. Doru Epure
Epure, Lizac & Associates

41 Frumoasa, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania