The National Republican Senatorial Committee Meeting

The National Republican Senatorial Committee – NRSC – “STATE OF THE NATION” meeting took place last night at the Harvard Club in New York City. The panelists – NRSC Chairman, Senator Rich Scott (FL) , Senator Bill Hagerty (TN) and Senator Ben Sasse (NE) – as well via Zoom with Mitch McConnel (KY) – Senate Minority Leader, Senator Susan Collins (ME) and Senator John Kennedy (LA). The conference was moderated by Eric Levine, partner at Eisman, Lehraupt & Kakoyanns – a good family friend.

The topics were Russia and the imminent threat of invading Ukraine, the danger posed by Vladimir Putin in East Central Europe, the state of the US Economy – with the highest inflation and crime rate in decades under Joe Biden presidency, a rising malignant China poised on becoming the most dominant power in the world and illegal immigration. Conclusion – there is hope ahead if the Republicans retake the House and the Senate.

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