Meeting with the top Romanian diplomat in Paris

On November 27, Stefan Minovici met in Paris – at his invitation – with the Romanian Ambassador to France, H.E. Luca Niculescu. During their two hour-long meeting the head of MIC and Ambassador Niculescu topics of discussion ranged from the Visa Waiver Program to the differences in the Romanian Diaspora in France in comparison to that form the United States. Together, they have brainstormed ways in creating a more involved Romanian community in both their adoptive countries, as well as getting the Romanian government more involved in helping with their implementation.

MIC & Associates has a history of strong partnerships and liaisons as well as traditional ties with diplomatic mission in Great Britain, Serbia, the Republic of Moldova, Belgium, Spain, Iran, Venezuela, Columbia, Ukraine as well as many others. This most recent trip to France reaffirmed MIC goals and efforts to help grow a new movement towards strengthening bilateral relations between Romanian Diasporas all over the world.

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