Romania Loses Bid for UN Security Council Membership

June 7, 2019
On Friday June 7th, following years of preparation, hard work and dedication, Romania lost its opportunity to become the new member of the UN Security Council for the 2020 – 2021 term. The position went to none other than Estonia, a country of 1.4 million with a great reputation for being a tough and motivated contender.
Against a backdrop of significant turmoil in Bucharest, sparked by serious errors of judgement and policy made by the government of Premier Viorica Dancila, Romania lost the support of numerous key allies in both Africa and the Middle-East. Numerous Arab and African countries, who for decades considered Romania as an honest broker and long-term partner dating back to dictator Ceausescu’s era, no longer extend their support this time.
The result of the first round of the referendum concluded with 111 votes for Estonia and 78 for Romania, while 129 votes were required to ensure victory. In the second round, Romania amassed only 58 votes, while Estonia gained 132. This generational loss of historic proportions is a real wakeup call for Romania’s foreign policy makers who have missed a huge opportunity to advance the country’s role and reputation on the world stage.
MIC commends His Excellency Ion Jinga, the Romanian Representative to the United Nations, as well as his entire team for their extraordinary work and devotion! In spite of the unfortunate outcome we remain grateful for his tenacity, commitment and tireless endeavours.


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