Visa Waiver Talks at MIC & Associates Headquarters

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-Il) has met with MIC & Associates and RABC leadership in New York on Monday, Sept. 24 to further discuss the Visa Waiver Program for Romania and the current effort in the House of Representatives. The Co-Chair of the Romanian Caucus expressed his determination to further this initiative and create a consensus among his colleagues that may be abler to help Poland and Romanian jointly obtain the WP during the next Congress in 2019.

The meeting was attended by Stefan Minovici, Dean Chersarie Bertea, the leader of the St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Queens, Adrian Caciula, Fellow Researcher at Columbia University, Dorian Branea, Ph D, Director, Romanian Cultural Intitule of America, Eric Lausten, Chief of Staff of Congressman Lipinski, and by Cosmin Panait, RABC Board member.

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