Visa Waiver Initiative and Reelection Campaign Congressional Meeting in New York

On Monday, July 29, the MIC & Associates leadership met with four Representatives of the United States Congress at the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. They were Ted Budd (R-NC), Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), Peter Roskam (R-IL) and Joe Wilson (R-SC). Minus Congressman Wilson, they are all up for reelection in November.

Our organization pledged support for these gentlemen and in turn, they offered to back our Visa Waiver Initiative for Romania. The Republican representatives have joined another group of about 30 congressmen who are on board for our mission to eliminate visas for Romanians traveling to the United Sates. To date, over $120,000 was contributed by our members on this project and more funding is needed.

Our nation remains one of the staunchest American allies in Europe. Our Diaspora in the US is strong, affluent and contributes a great to the growth of the American economy and its prestige. We need our families and friends to travel to the US without restrictions and limitations. We can make a difference and you too, as well. Please support our effort today by donating to the MIC & Associates – VWP or RABC – VWP.

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