Romania Honors its Birthday at the UN Mission in New York City

A celebratory reception on the eve of Romania’s National Day was hosted by the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN on Friday – December 1st at its Manhattan Headquarters on the East Side. More than 300 guests attended, among them an unprecedented number of ambassadors, as well as senior UN officials, diplomats from all regions of the world and international officials.
Following the National Anthem of Romania, the Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN, Ambassador Ion Jinga, highlighted the special importance of this day to Romania: “On 1st December 1918 Transylvania decided to unite with Romania, after Bessarabia proclaimed its union with the motherland on 9 April 1918 and Bukovina did the same on November that year. Thus, all historical provinces inhabited by Romanians were brought together within the same frontiers. In doing so, our grand-grandparents simply transposed into practice the democratic principle proclaimed by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, on 11 February 1918. History shapes the present: today we honor the memory of those who established the united modern Romanian state, based on the equality and freedom of its citizens”.
The Romanian top diplomat noted that Romania will have the EU presidency in the first semester of 2019 and highlighted the importance of Romania’s candidacy for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council: „Based on such a solid track record, in 2006 Romania presented its candidacy for a non-permanent seat in the Security Council, for the period 2020-2021. Our campaign’s motto reflects the country’s credo at the UN – “A long-term commitment to Peace, Justice and Development”. When the elections for Security Council will take place in June 2019, Romania will count a 100 years of tradition in multilateral diplomacy”.


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