MIC&RABC leadership- Chicago Visit

The MIC & RABC leadership paid a visit to some of the most important Romanian churches in the Chicago area in order to rally support for the cochairman of the Romanian Caucus, Congressman Daniel Lipinski (D-Il). During the two-day trip, Stefan Minovici and Valentin Pipa met with leaders of the Golgotha Pentecostal Church, the oldest Romanian Ecclesiastical establishment in the state of Illinois and Philadelphia Baptist Church. This was part of the sustained reelection campaign for congressman Lipinski with Primaries fast approaching on March 20.

The century-old Philadelphia congregation and the church itself are an impressive and remarkable monument and testimony of the Romanian faith, values and support for an ever-going community in one of the most dynamic cities in the United States.

For the church services, Pastor Florin Cîmpeanu was accompanied by renowned journalist and media expert Petru Amariei. Following the service, Pastor Cimpeanu, Mrs. Michele Cimpeanu and Mr. & Mrs. Amariei hosted a lunch in honor of the MIC & RABC delegation.

Both churches and the MIC & RABC leadership agreed to further develop the dedicated relationship within our community, as Philadelphia pledged to attend the Romania Day Festival on May 20th. This visit to New York aims at connecting members of our community in the city with those visiting from Chicago. It is MIC and RABC’s efforts to continue to expand their reach to further bring together and unite other Romanian churches from NYC area.

An affiliation was also a key topic discussed between the organizations, with the strong desire to strengthen our communities in Chicago, New York and beyond.


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