MIC & Associates in partnership with RABC (Romanian-American Business Council) – Reception Honoring Eleven Distinguished Members of the United States Congress in Bucharest

On Wednesday September 13, MIC & Associates President Stefan Minovici met with US Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman, in Washington DC during the farewell reception of Romanian ambassador Sorin Ducaru. Mr. Mino

MIC & Associates in partnership with RABC (Romanian-American Business Council) – Reception Honoring Eleven Distinguished Members of the United States Congress in Bucharest

Team MIC & Associates in partnership with RABC has successfully completed a one-of-a-kind event last week in Bucharest during the NATO Delegates Meeting at the Parliament Building. On Friday, October 6th, the two organizations hosted a cocktail reception in honor of the US Congressional Group led by Representative Mike Turner (R-OH). The list of the venerated guests was by all accounts impressive.
The purpose of the event is a continuation of MIC’s efforts to strengthen the bilateral US-Romania relations, to bring more awareness about the foreign and domestic dangers confronting the country these days – but most importantly, to thank the members of the US Congress for their efforts in supporting Romania’s needs and aspirations in the Capitol Hill.
From the US House of Representatives were present:
The Hon. Michael Turner (R-OH)
The Hon. Gerald Connolly (D-VA)
The Hon. Paul Cook (R-CA)
The Hon. Rob Bishop (R-UT)
The Hon. Ted Poe (R-TX)
The Hon. Lois Frankel (D-FL)
The Hon. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
The Hon. Jim Costa (D-CA)
The Hon. Bill Johnson (R-OH)
The Hon. Tom Marino (R-PA)
The Hon. Linda Sanchez (D-CA)
The US Embassy was represented at the highest possible level by:
H.E. Hans G. Klemm, US Ambassador, Romania
Abigail Rupp, Deputy Chief of Mission
Joseph, J. Fitzgerald, Deputy Political Counselor
Ryan Peterson, Deputy CO
Anne-Marie Blajan, Specialist Politic
David Schlaefer, Political Counselor
Ernest Abisellan, Economic Counselor
Greg O’Connor, Commercial Counselor
The Romanian side was represented by a host of dignitaries from the Romanian Government, Defense, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Academia, Investment Banking, Media, Public Relations and more:
H.E. Mihai Viorel Fifor, Defense Minister
Amb. Costin Georgescu – Former Director SRI
Gen. (ret) Constantin Degeratu, Former Head of Romanian Army, former National Security Advisor
Alex Cumpanasu – Presedinte ONG – Coalitia Nationala pt Modernizarea Romaniei
Gen (ret) Mihaiu Margarit – Former Head of Military Intelligence (CMR-REA)
Florin Vladica, MOD – State Secretary
Cristian Diaconescu – Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Gen. Lucian Pahontu – Director SPP – Romanian Secret Service
Gen (r) Stefan Danila – Former Chief of Romanian Army
Gen. Teodor Frunzeti – Consilier Prezidential pe Probleme Militare
Gen (R) Constantin Croitoru Director General Romarm
Ion Vonica – VP – UTI GROUP
Col (r) Ion Petrescu – Fost Sef Directie Relatii si Comunicare Publica/MApN (CMR-REA)
Iulia (Ionescu) Panait – Director Adj. Directia Cooperare Militara Internationala/MApN
Ion M. Ionita – Redactor-sef Revista Historia si Foreign Policy Romania; Realizator TV Adevarul
Loara Stefanescu – Jurnalist Senior/Directia Stiri/TVR
Gen. (r) Florian Pinta – Fost Loctiitor Sef SMG (CMR-REA)
Gen. Constantin Croitoru – Director General Romarm
Dr. Marian ZULEAN – Prodecan Facultatea de Administratie si Afaceri/Universitatea Bucuresti;
Eugen Constantin – Director Camera Deputatilor
From the Private Sector the following guest attended:
Radu Petrescu – GSP
Ionela Matei – KES Investments
George Naghiu – KES Investments
Ion Pascanu – KES Investments
Madalin Mihailovici – Veolia
Viorel Panait – Convex
Dan Dragoi – Convex
Dan Miclea
Alexandru Ionut Gibi – General Manager Agerpress
Daniel Boaje – Director General Premier Capital Romania
Branislav Bibic – Country Manager – Philip Morris Romania
Emanuel Badea – Strategikon
Teddy C. Dumitrescu – CEO Publicis One Romania
Monica Jitariuc – Managing Director MSL Group the Practice
Serban Nicolae – Senator PSD
Eugen Valeriu Popa – VP Strategikon
Alan Stone – Circinus Defense Romania
Alin Farcut – Prima TV
Silviu Mitroi – Medical Plus
Simion Alb – RomaniaTourism
Liliana Balici
Aurel Cazacu

MIC & Associates and RABC participation included:
Gelu Grigoras Chiroiu, Aurelia Rodica Chiroiu, Selma Latifovic, Dumitru Badragan, Sorin Stefan, Ramona Chirila, Marius Pandel , Cristian Pandel, Mihai Radu, Mimi Noel, Doru Epure, Stefan Minovici, Valentin Pipa, Mike Chiriac Sr., Mike Chiriac Jr., Florentina Nica, Cristian Iancu , Badulescu Marian Gabriel, Ioan Sibisan, Eugenia Gusilov.
The MIC & Associates and RABC take this opportunity to thank all of those who were so instrumental in making this event not just a possibility, but a true success. Special thanks for to the RABC fellow senior members Valentin Pipa and Mike Chiriac.
Our deepest gratitude goes to the two corporate partners Marius and Cristian Pandel from Christian Tour and to Teddy Dumitrescu and his team at Publicis One who were so contributory in securing the many challenging and components of this major undertaking.
Lorelai Alb, our artistic director, creator, designer and IT expert deserves special thanks and much credit for her tireless effort in giving life, color and substance to our unforgettable reception.
Lastly, we want to thank the champion of Romania causes in the United States Congress, the Honorable Mike Turner.

vici and secretary Bodman discussed issues related to current oil prices and the outlook for US dependence on foreign oil.

[photo: Stefan Minovici (CEO MIC & Associates INC.) and Samuel W. Bodman (US Secretary of Energy)]

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