Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Gratiela-Leocadia Gavrilescu

Stefan Minovici (Chairman) and George Naghiu (Managing Director) lead an MIC & RABC delegation that met with the Romanian’s DPM and the Minister of Environment Gratiela Vladescu on Wednesday, March 21st, to discuss new ways to clean up the Romanian environment. The hour-long meeting was attended by the Ministers’ Chief of Staff Rada Craciun. The minister was extremely interested in a partnership with MIC & RABC, especially with regards to American companies that could assist the country in a cleanup projects and invest in this industry locally.

The proposed waste management projects are far reaching and have tremendous benefits for the Romanian population nationwide. These projects involve US manufacturers of highly specialized environmental cleanup and garbage processing.

Currently Romania is able to manage and process only 6% of its waste and at the current rate, it will run out of dumping sites in the next 24 months. Such scenario could be a real challenge for the nation, as well as for South Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary have similar problems with regards to the waste disposal and management.

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