Fundraiser in Honor of Representative Daniel Lipinski, Co-Chair of the Romanian Caucus

The Honorable Daniel Lipinski, RABC’s most recent recipient of the 2017 George Pomutz Excellence Award attended a fundraiser event at the home of Dr. Mihaela and Vlad Vladutiu on Fifth Avenue. A select group of MIC & Associates and RABC members attended this special event that was meant to support the re-election campaign of Congressman Lipinski – but most importantly – his continuous efforts to champion the Visa Waver Program for Romania in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Lipinski (D-Il) is a veteran and seasoned politician and co-chairs, together with Republican Mike Turner, the Romanian Caucus on Capitol Hill. At the event were present Stefan Minovici, Valentin Pipa, Yanni Deconescu, Dr. Andrei Carasca, Dr. Mihaela and Vlad Vladutiu, Ilana Vale and Cristian Dumitru.

Mr. Lipinski was grateful and impressed by the event and the bestowing of the George Pomutz Award, but most importantly by both, MIC and RABC’s sustained efforts to help with his constituents and the difficult work in the House of Representatives. He vowed to continue his support Romania’s causes in the Unites States Congress.

Prior to departing to his home in Chicago, Mr. Lipinski stated: “I am grateful for your award and I am impressed with MIC and RABC’s efforts to enhance Romania’s visibility and valor in the United States as well as your vigorous campaign to promote the Visa Waver Program and bilateral relations between our two nations. I wish you all, including your compatriots in Romania, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2018! “


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