MIC Leadership Visits Cluj-Napoca

On June 27-28, Stefan Minovici and Managing Director for Romania, Doru Epure visited Cluj-Napoca during an official visit in the Transylvanian capital.

The visit in Cluj was organized by our partners from Transylvania Evolution – a very dynamic international business development advisory company founded by Ciprian Comsulea and Rares Dragan.

At the University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics UMF, the MIC & Associates executives met with Rector Alexandru Irimie and pro-rector Valentin Cernea to discuss partnerships opportunities in the research and the healthcare domain at the prestigious university.

Valentin Cernea, Alexandru Irimie, SM, Rares Dragan and Ciprian Comsulea

Later during the first day the MIC & Associates team met with the principals of Psychometric Systems – Alexandru Galos and Dumitru Grigore at the Olimpia Business Center where they reviewed the capabilities and the feasibility of a new invention in the psychoanalytical field. The revolutionary technology is ready to be launched in the US later this year.

At the POLARIS Recovery & Rehab Hospital, Stefan and Doru met with Ioan and Tudor Socea, the father and son team that founded and built the hospital. With over 200 beds, this medical facility rivals similar establishments in the US and Western Europe. The MIC & Associates and POLARIS executives agreed to look for ways to partner in developing the medical facility into an international rehab center of the highest order.

Tudor Socea, SM, Ioan Socea, Doru Epure, Ciprian Comsulea


Later that evening, Ciprian Comsulea, our local partner and president of Transylvania Evolution  organized an Executive Dinner Event sponsored by EnergoBit executives and in particular by its vice president, Stefan Gadola. The dinner took place at the Chios Restaurant.

Among the participants were Stefan Gadola, Sorin Gadola, Raul Gadola, Ioan Socea, Tudor Socea, Ioan Timofte, Andrei Timofte, Puiu Galos, Valentin Naumescu, Octavian Buzoianu, Bogdan Herea, Dan Pitic, Ioan Dragan, Ciprian Comsulea, Stefan Minovici, Doru Epure, and others.

Dinner Event at the Chios Restaurant – Cluj

The next day the MIC & Associates team visited the Royal School in Transylvania founded and run by Julian Hingley and Erika Hristea with support from Sorin Gadola. The school caters to kindergarten up to the Fifth Grade students in a superb and British like environment that offers a new and more diverse model of education to the enrolled students.

Ciprian Comsulea, Erika Hristea, Julian Hinley, SM, Doru Epure and Rares Dragan

On Tuesday, June 28 – the MIC & Associates delegation was received by the Cluj-Napoca mayor and former Prime Minister Emil BocHonorable Boc welcomed the proposals submitted by Stefan and Doru in creating a dedicated BestInvest Forum for Cluj in the spring of 2017. The event is meant to attract more US investors, as well as to promote the local IT and the healthcare industry in the United States

Ciprian Comsulea, Doru Epure, SM, Rares Dragan


Doru Epure, Hon. Emil Boc, SM and Ciprian Comsulea

The visit in Cluj was concluded by a meeting with some of the top IT companies from the city, the Cluster IT Cluj, IMPREZZIO, ACCESA, LAITEK, FORTECH, ISDC and PITECH.

MIC & ASSOCIATESis proud to represent such companies in the US in helping promote their unique and remarkable products and services in our market.

Finally – a tender, late-night moment with Bogdan Buta & Sorin Gadola, the brains, the heart and the soul of UNTOLD , the greatest youth Festival in Europe this year (and in 2015). The duo thinks big, way beyond the old continent as our colleagues at MIC & Associates believe that we can deliver for them right in the Big Apple.


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