Alianța Gala

On Tuesday, September 27, key RABC board members have attended the ALIANTA Gala as a Gold Sponsor. Among the seniors members participating were: Valentin Pipa, Mike Chiriac, Cristina Minovici, Stefan Minovici, Aurelian Georgescu and Joseph Clementi.   The honored guests were Ambassador Hans Klemm and Ambassador George Cristian Maior.  Among the special guests in attendance  were actor Ethan Hawke, Leslie Hawke, Oracle CEO Safra Catz, Ambassador James Rosapepe and co-chairs Chang Oh Turkmani and Eleonor Sebastian.   On Wednesday September 28 the RABC leadership was invited to meet with Congressman Mike Turner (R OH) at his office on Capitol Hill. Congresman Turner thanked the RABC delegation for its support to the Romanian American community and for its contribution to the Romanian causes in the United States Congress. The hour long meeting was attended by Mike Chiriac, Valentin Pipa, Joseph Clementi, Chief of Staff, Adam Howard and Stefan Minovici.

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