Meeting with the President of the Romanian Senate

On November 18, Mr. Stefan Minovici, met with the President of the Romanian Senate, Hon. Calin Popescu Taricianu, at his offices in Bucharest. Mr. Tariceanu served as the country’s Prime Minister (2004-2008) and held numerous key positions in the Romanian Government. He was Minister of Industries and Commerce (1996-1997) and vice president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) as well as vice president of the Budget, Finances and Insurance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies.

The two leaders discussed the status of the Romanian-American bilateral relations, the current situation in Crimea and Romanian’s role as a reliable and trustworthy EU and NATO member. As the President of the Senate, Mr. Tariceanu holds the second most powerful function after the country’s President and head-of-state. Mr. Tariceanu has expressed a keen interest in attracting more U.S. business and investments and as well as recurring support from the Romanian Diaspora. He also accepted an invitation to attend the BestInvest-Romania Forum in New York, event organized by the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC) which will take place at the end of March, 2015.

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