Meeting with the PNL Leader

During his trip to Romania, Stefan Minovici met with Mr. Ludovic Orban, the Vice President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and a close ally of the newly elected President, Mr. Klaus Iohannis. Mr. Orban is a favorite to become the new PNL president, replacing the former mayor of Sibiu and current president-elect, Mr. Iohannis. His political career spans for more than twenty years. Mr. Orban held a variety of roles, including senior counselor for the Municipality of Bucharest (1992-1996), head of the Bucharest PNL chapter and Minister of Transportation (2007-2008). Mr. Orban agreed to take part in the BestInvest-Romania RACC Forum in March 2015 and to be a keynote speaker of the Romania Broadway Festival in May 2015.

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