International Healthcare Forum 2010

MIC & Associates co-sponsored the International Healthcare Forum organized by Forum Invest Romania in Bucharest between September 27-28 this year.

Romania, like the rest of the world, has been greatly affected by the recent global recession and financial crisis, and the current state of the healthcare industry in Romania is sensitive. Nevertheless, the Romanian healthcare sector has been going through a continuous process of reformation in the last 20 years, under various administrations and a number of 20 ministers of health.

There is a tremendous need for basic drugs as well as specialty treatment that can only be provided by outside assistance. The modernization and revamping of the medical infrastructure within Romania would allow ordinary citizens to receive specialized treatments at reasonable costs for the state and the individual. Furthermore, the development of American facilities in Romania will attract patients from most of the Eastern Central Europe region.

For the past five years, Forum Invest Romania has hosted the International Healthcare Forum, one of the most important events in the healthcare sector calendar. Held every year in Bucharest, Romania, the Forum is used as a communication program for heads of private organizations within the industry, the public authorities, EU officials, heads of the international health organizations and the mass-media and it benefits every year from the official support of the President of Romania and the Romanian Ministry of Health.

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