Romanian-American Strategic Partnership Forum

Organized by Stefan Minovici, President & CEO of MIC & Associates, the Romanian American Strategic Partnership Forum took place on April 30, 2009, in the financial district of Manhattan.

The guest speakers of the RASPF forum were Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of New York and presidential candidate, and Professor Robert Engle, Nobel prize winner for Economy. Major American defense companies attended the forum, such as Raytheon, ITT and VSE, as well as companies involved globally in infrastructure development, such as The Dynamic Group and Atkins Company. Mrs. Chang Oh, president of Mega Company, was among those who spoke at the Forum.

The forum has been honored, from the Romanian side, by the Romanian ambassador in Washington, Mr. Adrian Cosmin Vierita; General Constantin Degeratu, National Security and Defense Counselor to the President of Romania; Ms. Oana Petrescu, Vice President Banca Comerciala Romana bank; Mr. Ioan Rusu, President Transgaz; Mr. Aurel Cazacu, General Director of the Defense Department, Ministry of Economy; Mr. Pietro Pavoni, the Romanian Consul General in New York.


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