Romantic wines of Romania

On February 16, 2006, a most unique and extraordinary event took place in the Versailles Room of the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, New York. Four of the quintessential wine producers from Romania will present some of the best wines that the country has to offer, in a unique display of quality, taste and old world splendor.

Romania traces its origins back to the Roman Empire, when Traian’s legions have conquered this land of unspeakable beauty and richness, two thousand years ago. This country encompasses some of the most breathtaking mountains in Europe – the Carpathians, the green and mythical hills of Transylvania, as well as the most generous banks of the Danube river that so gently merge with the shores of the Black Sea. These wines that have been served for millennia to emperors, kings and queens and some of the most recognizable names in world’s history are now produces by renowned experts with the most sophisticated, yet conservative methods available anywhere in the world.

Household names like Murfatlar, Recas, Reh-Kendermann and Stirbey have captured the essence and the spirit of this magnificent European region and were able to bottle it unlike any other wine producer in this country ever before.

All for nothing less than the love of wine and for that of the romantic land called

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